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The Baja Walk 100 is an incredible commitment — 100 miles for 5 days to raise money to fight cancer. The event begins in San Felipe Baja California, on Wednesday, March 2, 2016 and finishing on Sunday, March 6, 2016. 

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to become a Baja Walk Volunteer?
-- There is a volunteer position to fit you, Click Here to search for volunteer opportunities and find out more.

Q: When and where does the Baja Walk 100 take place?
-- The Baja Walk 100 challenge begins North of in San Felipe Baja California, on February 26, 2019 and finishes on the Maleon in downtown San Felipe on March 3, 2019.

Q: How to sign up to Walk the Baja Walk 100?
-- Simple, just click the one of the links below and sign up today for the Baja Walk 100 Challenge!

Q: How long is the Walk?

The Baja Walk 100 is an incredible adventure of 100 miles for 5 days to raise money for the fight against cancer. Understand that you can create your own challenge as a solo walker or as a team. The requirement is to walk only 5 miles each day or if you are ready for it walk the full 20 miles each day. 

Q: Why take the challenge?
-- The Baja Walk 100 is more than just a walk. It is a challenge and an adventure taking steps to fight cancer. 100% of all pledges and donations will go to the San Felipe Cancer Society and Mujeres De Viven.

Q: What is the fee to participate?
-- The registration is $TBA usd / day per person x 5 days = $TBA usd. This is an all inclusive fully-supported walk with meals, snacks, water, safe camping areas, nightly awards parties, Baja Walk 100 t-shirt, and memories of a lifetime. Registration deadline is TBA.

Q: Where will we spend the night?
-- 4 nights of your adventure The Baja Walk Crew will set up a safe and clean campsite in the San Felipe Desert.  You will be well cared for with food, water, fun, support, – plus entertainment with awards and giveaways each night at camp.

Q: As a Baja Walker 100 what do I need to bring?
-- Must Have Gear - READ MORE.

Q: What is the fundraising requirement?
-- Each Walker is required to raise a minimum of $100 usd. Once you register you will receive a link to your or your teams pledging page.

    Q: Where does the money go that is raised?
    -- 100% of all pledges and donations will go to the San Felipe Cancer Society and Mujeres De Viven

    Q: Do I need to spend the night in Camp?
    -- No it is not a “have to,” but we highly recommend it! Being part of the nightly Baja Walk camp is an experience and a chance to bond with other participants trying to go the distance against cancer. For those who choose to leave camp for the evening; you are required to check in and out each night and morning at the "Start Up Booth".

    Q: Can I bring my pet on the Baja Walk 100?
    No, we truly love our animals and appreciate your pet’s. For the safety and comfort of all, we ask that you do not bring your pet(s). We are not equipped to accommodate pets.

    Q: How to have more fun?

    -- Create a team outfit or costume - prizes will be awarded for the cutest / coolest looks each night at camp!

    Q: Can team members share or split donations or pledges?
    -- Each team member is required to raise the minimum fundraising requirement of $100. The purpose of a team is to support each individual in doing more, not less than they could do on their own.
    *exception any donation of $1,000 or more can be divided among each team member.

    Q: How many people can make up a team?
    -- Teams can be as small as two members and as big 10! You and a friend can register as a team and then inspire others to join you. *Each person has to be able to walk 5 miles per day and only 4 people per team in the course per day.

    Q: What is the registration fee for a team?
    -- There is no registration fee per team, just the individual registration fee of $TBA for each participant; which covers 5 days ($TBA/day) of an all-inclusive fully-supported challenge; with meals, snacks, drinks, camping areas, nightly awards parties, your Baja Walk 100 t-shirt. and memories of a lifetime.

    Q: Can my Friends and family come out to the Baja Walk 100 camp to enjoy the party each night with me?

    -- Yes, they will need to buy a guest pass for each night they wish to participate. Buy Your Guest Passes - deadline is TBA.

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