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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Buying or Renting Camping Gear

The Baja Walk 100 is a fully supported walk, however every participant is required to provide their own camping gear. Here are just a few tips. 

If you don't already have camping gear, but think you might do the Baja Walk next year, or even take up camping once in a while, then buying is your best choice. Even if you choice not to camp yourself, its likely a friend would, or your kids, or grand kids. Its always good to turn the young onto camping and get them into the great outdoors. If camping is going to be an infrequent activity, you can get by with a tent, sleeping bag, and air mattress from the lowest shelf in the camping section of Walmart, and be just fine. In most cases, everything you need under $100.

If there is a chance you will never camp again, then maybe renting gear is the best choice for you. A great choice for renting is "Lower Gear" from Tempe Arizona. They will ship camping gear anywhere in the US.

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